Barrier for the News Group

Since the end of March, we have been aware of the date of the tournament that was established by the renowned Barrier, which is the Barrier Poker Tour 2010 edition. This poker event takes place in one of the largest territories in France. But not only that, the organization in question is supposedly working on preparing its initial public offering.

All recent information proclaiming the refurbishment of the group barrier. The Accor Group indicated a few days ago that they will be required to remove and give way Lucien Barriere’s debt that was reported earlier this year. The total amount of this debt is over two million euros. Changes on a radical scale that will enable the group to overcome a historical obstacle and pave the way for its revival are required.


According to many reports, the initial public offering (IPO) for the Barrière group is anticipated to take place during the summer of 2010. But According to Dominique Desseigne, the president of the company, the initial public offering (IPO) will be completed in October 2010, following the inauguration of new rooms in the casino in Cannes.


In contrast to the poker tournament known as the “Barrier Poker Tour 2010,”

the event in question was hailed as one of the most important events to take place within the borders of France. Because it will begin on May 22 and continue until May 24 at the Casino Barrière in Trouville, the date that was provided was true. Nevertheless, the final will take place in Enghien-les-Bains in the month of November 2010, and it will be contested there. The grand prize has now reached over 400,000 euros!


There are many measures that need to be taken in order to reach the lucky players who will be participating in the Barrière Poker Tour since it began in France. During the month of November in 2010, we will be traveling to Nice, Toulouse, Lille, and Bordeaux, and we cannot wait to find out who the finalists are.


An innovative component has been added to this competition in the form of a tournament that will be held solely for women at each stage of the BPT 2010. Tickets for the championship match in Enghien-les-Bains will be awarded to the winners of these tournaments. An opportunity that the ladies shouldn’t let pass them by.

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